National Post Administration
Ministry of Transport, Posts & Telecommunications

The EMS Service (Express Mail Service) :

EMS Burundi is a service of the Postal Administration that handles the international express mail service. EMS Burundi is part of the EMS network available in the world in all country members of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Actually, it is operational in more than 186 country members of the UPU, which is an organisation older than the United Nations Organisation.

EMS Burundi collects, forwards and delivers all express mail in less than 3 days in anywhere in the world. A proof of the delivery is given to the client upon request.

The following benefits are guaranteed to the customers:
- Mails on demand
- Programmed mail
- Rapid customs procedures
- Home delivery or in the offices of the customer
- Delivery seven days a week
- Forwarding of the mail on D+1 and maximum D+3 with proof of the delivery
- Personalised service
- Discount according to the quantity of the mail
- Special packaging with security bags
- Responsibility: the taxes are reimbursed entirely in case of a late delivery of an EMS Mail.

With the "IPSLIGHT" programmes, EMS Burundi has entered in the millenium of new information and communication technologies. The monitoring and tracing of your mail are done during the whole process of forwarding, it is the EMS TRACK AND TRACE, electronic monitoring and tracing system of your mail



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