National Post Administration
Ministry of Transport, Posts & Telecommunications

Mail Service

The Mail Service is in charge of the collection, dispatching, reception and delivery of mail (letters and post cards, prints and small parcels) of the domestic service. The dispatching of the mail abroad is ensured by the Sorting Centre and the post office at the Bujumbura International Airport.

The Forwarding of postal items
The Postal Administration transmits the mail to its customers by land and by air. The delivery to post offices of the domestic service and areas where there are no post offices is ensured respectively by the Post's vehicles and postal correspondents twice a week.
The international mail is forwarded depending on the schedule of airlines serving Bujumbura, the capital of the country.

The mail delivery is done through postal boxes for the mail of normal size and at the counter for the registered bulk mail. In the regions where there are no post offices, the delivery is ensured by postal correspondents. They ensure also mail collection and forwarding to the exchange offices.

Recommendations to customers
- Pay sufficient postal charges for your mail according to the current tariffs before to handle it to the Postal Administration.
- As soon as your mail is ready, give it immediately to the nearest post office or postal correspondent
- A mail whose addressee details are correctly written facilitates its forwarding and a rapid delivery.
- If your correspondent has a postal box, indicate the number on your mail.
- For a secure and good reception of your mail, use a reliable and appropriate packaging.
- For any change in the address, please notify your correspondents, it is very important.


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