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The Postal Giro Account

The Postal Giro Account is a means of payment well appreciated by its users. It manages a great volume of money through CCP accounts of third parties as any other bank. This service has the benefit of being reachable for most of the customers through the 29 post offices all over the country. It ensures operations of transfer, issuing and payment of postal money orders. It channels deposit funds of any kind, manages the overdraft operations (monthly or quarterly) of public servants whom it ensures the payment of salaries.

The main objective of the postal giro accounts is to promote the development of written payments and to facilitate the operations between creditors and debtors by giving them more security.

The Postal Administration has a network of 29 offices in the country, which offer postal giro cheques services.

The various partners are individuals, public and private organisations. Actually, we have 49,000 sight deposits accounts.
The RNP ensures the payment of public servants’ salaries, the University of Burundi students' scholarships as well as those of private universities who request it.

- decentralised network over the whole national territory
- reachable by all professional classes
- at the opening, a minimum of BIF 3,000 only gives the right to a cheque book
- the tariffs for the different operations are less than those in other financial and banking organisations on the market.

How to open a Postal Giro Account?
Individuals, companies, trade organisations, associations, and other public or private organisations can open postal giro accounts.
The forms for the opening of accounts are filled according to the regulations and the documents to be produced depend on the account holder, being an individual or a legal entity. A minimum amount of BIF 3,000 is required to open an account.

Prospects of the Postal Giro Accounts
There are ongoing studies for the reorganisation of the Postal Administration and the introduction in this service of management practices similar to those of the banking sector.
- To establish a computerized network in all the postal offices in order to have the transactions operated with immediate effect.


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